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Hi-Coll Coffee

Hi-Coll Coffee

1 Box = 20g x 12 sachets
KKM.600-7/2/1 Jld.(60)

The history of Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world.

Coffee cultivation and trade began on the Arabian Peninsula.  By the 15th century, coffee was being grown in the Yemeni district of Arabia and by the 16th century it was known in Persia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey. Coffee began to appear in cities across the Near East and people frequented them for all kinds of social activity. With thousands of pilgrims visiting the holy city of Mecca each year from all over the world, knowledge of this “wine of Araby” began to spread Europe, and coming to the Americans, and now plantations around the world.

Hi-Coll Coffee is a beloved beverage to fine-tune your focus and boost your energy levels. It is your daily cup of joe right when you wake up to get your day started on the right foot.

Hi-Coll Coffee combine with Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) and quality fish collagen from France, specially blend with low-fat acid creamer to meet your needs. It had been linked to a several potential health benefits, giving you all the more reason to get brewing.

  • Boosts Energy levels
  • Support your brain health
  • Linked to a lower risk of depression
  • Support heart & Skin health
  • May enhance athletic performance
  • Loaded with several Powerful Antioxidants

Ingredients :

Questions And Answers
  1. Q :

    What is Hi-Coll coffee?

    A :

    Hi-Coll coffee is a special blend quality Arabica coffee beans, Cocoa beans with Tongkat Ali and quality fish collagen to promote energy and improve general health.​

  2. Q :

    What are the characteristics of Hi-Coll Coffee

    A :

    Hi-Coll, this name is a short form of High-Collagen which is perfectly blended with quality fish collagen from France, Peptan  – the world‘s leading brand of collagen, specifically developed to deliver numerous health benefits and functional properties, and traditional herbs Tongkat Ali  Extract. It is flavour and aromatic with a balance of sweetness and acidity, making it highly suitable to be consumed on a daily basis.​

  3. Q :

    How is Hi-Coll coffee beneficial for health?

    A :

    As it contains traditional herbs - Tongkat Ali and fish collagen peptides, it is highly beneficial in strengthening our bone structure, skin tissue. It also helps to increase testosterone, libido, fatigue, stamina and prevent aging.​

  4. Q :

    Are there other benefits derived from Hi-Coll coffee?

    A :

    Hi-Coll coffee contains cocoa, quality Arabica coffee beans, it can help to reduce fatigue and increase energy level. Being all natural, it does not require a prescription and is completely safe to consume.​

  5. Q :

    Is Hi-Coll Coffee suitable for children, pregnant women and those suffering from diabetes?

    A :

    Children below 10 years old and pregnant woman are advised NOT to consume. And those suffering from diabetes are advised to consume 1 cup daily.​

  6. Q :

    Is Hi-Coll Coffee Halal Certified?

    A :

    Yes. The product is labelled halal by JAKIM in Malaysia. It was clean and safe to be consumed by Muslim.​

  7. Q :

    Is it possible to blend Hi-Coll coffee with ice or consume with ice?

    A :

    Absolutely. In fact, this is the coffee’s most unique features. For even better taste, it is recommended to add pieces of ice cake on top of the coffee smoothie.​