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Bonetron - Soy Peptides Collagen

Bonetron - Soy Peptides Collagen

1 Bottle = 125g
HACCP, ISO, GMP Certified
KKM.600-7/2/1 JLD.441(65)
KKM.NPRA 130722/06/221

Healthier  .  Leaner Body  .  Naturally Young

Bonetron has a high collagen concentration that is vital in skin health, muscle mass, bones, and joints. There are no additives in this food so it is perfectly safe to consume especially for those who have sensitive guts. The appearance of smile lines and crow’s feet will reduce as elastin and collagen production will be boosted. It is rich in proteins, zinc and amino acids. The nutrients help to metabolise carbohydrates and fats, improve skin hydration, reverse-ageing and helps the body to maintain a good health by boosting he immunity.

Ingredients :

Questions And Answers
  1. Q :

    What is Bonetron?

    A :

    Bonetron is a high collagen concentration product that promote skin health, muscle mass, bones, joints and boost immunity.

  2. Q :

    What is the special effect of Bonetron?

    A :

    It offers multiple proven benefits in the following key areas

    • Healthy Aging – Promoting mobility, helps to maintain physical well-being, stamina and  activenes​s
    • Joint and Bone Health – Ensuring an optimal joint and bone health for an active lifestyle​
    • Skin Beauty- Reversing skin aging by improving collagen structure from within​
    • Sport Nutrition – Keeping connective tissue healthy- the key to move freely and efficiently and help prevent injuries​.
  3. Q :

    Does Bonetron help to improve osteoporosis and joint pain?

    A :

    It has been proven to improve joint function and flexibility and to maintain bone health, helping those people who suffer osteoporosis and joint pain.​

  4. Q :

    Does Bonetron help to reverse human aging?

    A :

    Its 18 unique amino acids, simultaneously promotes all the connective tissues  by stimulating local cells in the target tissues to produce more collagen and other key matrix components.​

  5. Q :

    Does Bonetron help to improve skin beauty?

    A :

    In several clinical studies, visible effects have been demonstrated after just 30 days of consumption. It can counteract the effects of aging and promote a more youthful appearance by boosting and restructuring the skin’s collagen network from within. By stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid, it also offers skin hydration effects.​

  6. Q :

    What kind of benefits does Bonetron have towards lovers of sports activities?

    A :

    Its specific bioactive proteins can offer benefits beyond muscle building. These include improving athletic performance, protecting connective tissues, supporting healthy joint and helping to reduce the risks of injury.​

  7. Q :

    Is Bonetron vegan-friendly?

    A :

    One of the ingredients is an extract of marine fish with a protein content of 97% and of dust-free powder form, the ingredient that gives our bodies *bounce back immunity*. It maintains people’s health, correct aging and skin beauty. Vegetarian therefore are advised to choose Bonetron too.​

  8. Q :

    Is Bonetron suitable for pregnant women and kids?

    A :

    Pregnant women are advised to consume in minimum dosages. If a pregnant woman over-consumed the product, the baby will grow beyond the expectation, hence this will have impact during delivery process. The product is strongly recommended to babies or kids, it helps to boost and strengthen the baby’s bone growth.

  9. Q :

    What is the direction of use daily?

    A :

    Minimum dosage 5g per day, alternatively takes 10g per day.
    When taking your breakfast, mix with dairy, powder drinks, beverages, plain cold or hot water or pour under your tongue to achieve greater health benefits.