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Bestron Royal Jelly

Bestron Royal Jelly

15 sachets x 1.5g
HACCP, ISO, GMP Certified
KKM.600-7/2/1 JLD.433 (44)
KKM.NPRA 280422/04/087

Choose Healthier Food - BESTRON Royal Jelly !

We are living in the harmful environment and stressful unbalance diet lifestyle. Many people are suffering mentally and physical deteriorating in result of long-term illness or uncurable disease. Hencewhy, BESTRON Royal Jelly is a key component plays a important role for a good health. It is the most amazing product have ever seen!

Benefit of Bestron Royal Jelly :

  • Help to enhance energy & stamina.
  • Help to lower blood sugar and cholesterol level.
  • Help to balance the endocrine system.
  • Help to Improve sleep and eliminate fatigue.
  • Help to promote blood circulation.

Ingredients :


Questions And Answers
  1. Q :

    What is Bestron ?

    A :

    It is a product that used Nano Technology to combine Dragon Fruit, Acai Berry, Royal Jelly and Blueberries formulated as a supplement. It helps to improve nocturia urinary, balance endocrine system, improve sleep, reduce fatigue and enhance body energy and stamina.

  2. Q :

    What is the special effect of BESTRON?

    A :

    It helps to remove toxins from body , promote blood circulation

  3. Q :

    What are the other benefits of BESTRON?

    A :

    It may help maintain normal blood pressure

  4. Q :

    After consuming BESTRON, what are some positive effects?

    A :

    You will feel energetic and your respiratory system operates better.

  5. Q :

    Why does some people experience dizziness and muscles pain after consuming BESTRON at the start?

    A :

    This reaction will happen when there is toxins in your blood. These responses usually will go away within a week and these reaction is vanes among individuals.

  6. Q :

    How does BESTRON helps to improve the respiratory system?

    A :

    It helps to effectively promote blood circulation. Therefore, it can enhance and improve the respiratory system.

  7. Q :

    Why does some people feel sleepy after consuming BESTRON?

    A :

    It helps to ease anxiety, emotional stress, and balance hormonal changes.

  8. Q :

    Why does the body feel heaty after consuming BESTRON?

    A :

    It provides energy to human body after consume. Hence consumers are advised to drink more water to lower body heat.

  9. Q :

    Is BESTRON vegan-friendly?

    A :

    It is formulated plants and suitable for vegetarians to consume.

  10. Q :

    How much BESTRON should we consume for it to be effective?

    A :

    To consume 1 sachet daily before or after meals in the morning.

  11. Q :

    How to consume BESTRON?

    A :

    i) Take 1 sachet and pour under your tongue to achieve 99% body absorption in the morning before or after meals.
    ii) Mix 1 sachet into 100ml of water, stir well and drink immediately.

  12. Q :

    Is BESTRON suitable for pregnant women and children?

    A :

    Pregnant women and children under age of 12 are strongly advised NOT to consume this product.